Reimagining Singaporeans

Integrated Campaign
Borne out of anecdotal accounts of the people who were forcibly displaced from a home, Reimagining Singaporeans seeks to bring awareness about statelessness in Singapore and offer a provocative perspective on how these citizenry documents may no longer be the definitive notion of our identity. It is a visual documentarian project that strives to challenge the root concept of citizenship through the accounts of the stateless and hopes to continually articulate the pertinent question of what it truly means to be Singaporean.

LASALLE Open Studio 2021

Key Visual Design

Open Studios 2019 showcases work-in-progress of the students from the School of Design Communication. Aimed at sharing best practices, it allows for students at varying levels of study to situate themselves in their educational journey as well as to be inspired by different practices. Industry partners, alumni and prospective students are invited to view the works and network with current students.

Netflix Poster 2020

Poster Design

Shortlisted Netflix Poster Design (2020)

To commemorate Singapore’s 55th National Day, Netflix teamed up with LASALLE students to re-create popular local TV series and films that included the classic TV sitcoms Under One Roof and Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd, as well as the films 12 Storeys and I Not Stupid.

Based on the film, 12 Storeys by Eric Khoo, the theme of perspectives became apparent. The exaggerated forms of the characters helped convey the perspective of which our point of view is very close to the ground. It is the type of poster that makes us think again and realise the concept behind after the screening.

SeaShorts Film Festival 2020

Key Visual Design

The theme for SeaShorts’s 2020 edition was Reimagining Short Films, Reinventing Southeast Asia – an invitation for Southeast Asian filmmakers to come together, to share our visions and stories that are both unique and yet familiar to each other, and to weave the future narrative of the region while constantly challenging the idea of what a short film can be in today’s media landscape.

In Memory Of



The importance of memory lies in the identity it shapes— but what happens when one experiences a loss of memory? An exploration of the fragmentation of memories suggesting both intimacy and a fragility: framing those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease losing a vital aspect of their sense of identity.

In loving memory of my grandmother, Wong Choong Oi (who’s still very much alive)

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