Threads that Bind

Short Film
Winner of VSCO x HDClub Plaza Creative Fund (2023)
An upcoming project titled 'Threads that Bind,' supported by The Hopes & Dreams Club and VSCO. It aims to explore the dualities surrounding the idea of home, encompassing presence and absence, permanence and impermanence, and belonging and displacement.

At its core, this heartfelt project serves as a tribute to my family. It is a mixed-media film that intertwines narratives within the context of my mother's shoe shop. By delving into the intimate stories and experiences tied to the shop, the film will become a vessel for shared memories, intergenerational understanding, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Creative Leads Ta-ku (Regan Matthews), Sam Mallari
Music Your Cousin Avi
Videographer Tan Kylyn, Shafiee Shadan

Processed and scanned [Super 8mm] nanolab Australia
Editor Tan Kylyn

Raise the Flag

Interactive Website
As we celebrate Singapore's National Day on August 9th, we fondly recall the iconic flag-raising ceremony at the Padang. For many, raising the flag was a cherished childhood dream, usually reserved for select prefects. This tradition continues daily at important locations, reflecting our national pride and unity.

With Raise the Flag, a boliao initiative designed to bring Singaporeans together to celebrate their patriotism for National Day, we now have the chance to fulfill that dream.

Jaga Diri, Sayang Diri, OK?

Integrated Campaign
Health Promotion Board

When it comes to Ramadan, we often use the term 'Sayang' as a expression of endearment for our loved ones. But what if we could extend the same love and care we offer to others to ourselves? By putting the focus on the individual to draw attention to the key aspect of loving oneself — making the pledge to take care of your health.

This Ramadan, we've prepared a feast for the table and your ears – a series of 4 delightful recipes with less sugar and more flavour, presented through ASMR. It's a healthy meal that not only tastes great but also sounds lovely to both your mind and body.

ECD Adrian Yeap
CD Jared Kang, Parth Gardhia, Hans Chia
Copywriter Gabriel Lee
Art Director Tan Kylyn

Key Illustrator Ben Quek
Production House Prodigious

Make your vacation a shiok-cation

Social Content Series

Many Singaporeans travel to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or simply to take a break. With Malaysia offering a vast range of activities, what if we could assure Singaporeans that planning a trip to Malaysia will be an experience they will undoubtedly enjoy?

Let's position Malaysia as a country filled with 'shiok' experiences, a place ready to welcome Singaporeans with open arms, with tons of exciting adventures and relaxing activities made available with Visa.

Introducing a series of 15-second ASMR shorts that will give people a taste of their 'shiok-cation'.

Nicholas Teo
Copywriter Shermin Ang
Senior Art Director Jerry Tan
Art Director Tan Kylyn


Social Media Campaign

Markies 2023 Silver – Most Effective Use (Video)
Markies 2023 Finalist – Most Creative Launch /Re-Launch
Hashtag Asia Award 2023 Gold – Best Social Brand Launch
Hashtag Asia Award 2023 Silver – Best Integrated Social Media Campaign
Hashtag Asia Award 2023 Bronze – Best Video in a Social Media Campaign

Effies Awards 2023 Bronze – Brand Content & Entertainment advertising (Products & Services)
With the launch of GOMO’s 5G network, how can we prove that #WorkFromAnywhere actually works and that GOMO 5G isn’t just better, but also cleverer? To truly demonstrate the quality of its network, Benjamin Kheng writes, sings, and produces this exclusive music video entirely from his #WorkFromAnywhere experience.

From trading Zoom backgrounds for real breathtaking backdrops, to padding up his reflexes with low gaming latency, he sings about how he got cleverer with GOMO 5G.

CD Su-Lin Tan, Nicholas Teo
Copywriter Sobbina Yap
Art Director Tan Kylyn, Adrian Arman, Avril Sim

Production House Parallax Collective