Jaga Diri, Sayang Diri, OK?

Integrated Campaign
Health Promotion Board

When it comes to Ramadan, we often use the term 'Sayang' as a expression of endearment for our loved ones. But what if we could extend the same love and care we offer to others to ourselves? By putting the focus on the individual to draw attention to the key aspect of loving oneself — making the pledge to take care of your health.

This Ramadan, we've prepared a feast for the table and your ears – a series of 4 delightful recipes with less sugar and more flavour, presented through ASMR. It's a healthy meal that not only tastes great but also sounds lovely to both your mind and body.

ECD Adrian Yeap
CD Jared Kang, Parth Gardhia, Hans Chia
Copywriter Gabriel Lee
Art Director Tan Kylyn

Key Illustrator Ben Quek
Production House Prodigious