Threads that Bind

Short Film
Winner of VSCO x HDClub Plaza Creative Fund (2023)
An upcoming project titled 'Threads that Bind,' supported by The Hopes & Dreams Club and VSCO. It aims to explore the dualities surrounding the idea of home, encompassing presence and absence, permanence and impermanence, and belonging and displacement.

At its core, this heartfelt project serves as a tribute to my family. It is a mixed-media film that intertwines narratives within the context of my mother's shoe shop. By delving into the intimate stories and experiences tied to the shop, the film will become a vessel for shared memories, intergenerational understanding, and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Creative Leads Ta-ku (Regan Matthews), Sam Mallari
Music Your Cousin Avi
Videographer Tan Kylyn, Shafiee Shadan

Processed and scanned [Super 8mm] nanolab Australia
Editor Tan Kylyn